Onto power tools

p_fish_016My soon-to-be ex-wife wants me to take the power tools, but for her to be able to borrow them when she wants. Aside from the children, isn’t divorce kind of, you know, ending all that sort of thing. I’d feel kind of uncomfortable if Heaven forbid I ever got a new partner, and my ex waltzed in to borrow the drill.

Funding link below (not to buy power tools!)






Here we go. Number two. Today I started thinking about things like insurance, all that stuff I’m going to have to split up and sort out. That’s going to be three hours of my life wasted in call centre conversation and hold-music. Separating sucks!

Tomorrow is launch day on Pozible – crowdfunding the $1900 to buy furniture for the kids, house the dog etc! I’ll attach a link as soon as it’s live.